Dwarven physical advantages

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  • Starting Stats: ST:10 DX: 6 IQ: 8] and 8 points to spend.
  • Dwarves live to about 300 years old.
  • Strength for dwarves is purchased at 3/4 the normal experience cost.
  • Dwarves are very hard to knock over and have an excellent center of gravity. Shield rushes and other tests to maintain balance are done at 1 dice less or with a bonus of 4.
  • Dwarves can carry twice the normal weight allowance and their strength counts as 1.5 times as much on the strength table regarding armor on page 9 of AM.
  • Due to extended periods of underground life the dwarves have developed night-vision. They can see for 30’, even in total darkness.
  • Dwarven magic resistance is legendary. They initially get plus/minus 2 versus any spell that specifically targets them or affects them. This includes disbelieving illusions/images. They also have a talent that can be taken to increase this to a full dice or +4 depending on the situation.
    DescriptionIQ Req.CostOther
    Magic Resistance(dwarf) None 2 Pre-requisite; Dwarf

    If by some freak of nature a dwarf is a wizard (usually elemental earth path) then they lose lose all physical advantages. (including cheaper experience purchase of ST points) The intelligence maximum is also lifted.

    Dwarven physical advantages

    Kolorr diocletias

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