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The goal of the races in Kolorr is to create a difference in roleplaying. In Kolorr you will not go through an adventure without being reminded in someway exactly what species you are.

There are three and a half primary character ready races in this land; Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Half-Elves. Half-Orcs are another possibility but unlikely. Orcs are not as developed socially or mentally in Kolorr as they are claimed to be in other worlds. There are also half-elves who are scorned by elves and revered by humans.


There are both physical and cultural differences between the races. Physical differences are a required difference while cultural differences are often options usually related to talents that the player may choose at half normal cost. There are also physical disadvantages and cultural disadvantages that are imposed. Cultural disadvantages are imposed by the campaign and unavoidable. For example orcs hate dwarves and will attack them. No choice for the player here, other then to choose a different race.

Optional Talent Points

Each race has ways to get extra Talent Points. Only at creation these Talent Point can be converted to Ability Points. Two Talent Points equal one Ability Point.


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