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Unsponsored magic-users are not acceptable. Each castle/keep has a Master Wizard (IQ18+ ) and 3 apprentices of the first order (IQ 14+) . As with knights, magic-users are expected to follow the highest ranked person present.

Magic in Kolorr does not have the same spells as found in The Fantasy Trips Advanced Wizard. A converted spell system from another out of print game called High Fantasy is used. A limited form of Concentration magic is also used. Wizards use spells, Summoners summon creatures, Illusionists cast images or illusions and the evil Necromancers of course raise the undead.


Any none magical creature must have a foci to cast spell. This might be a wand, a staff, a holy relic, or many other things. Many times this foci operates as a ST battery for casting spells. A wizard can use this battery to heal fatigue damage from any source. This is what he does when using it cast spells. This is not a healing that can be used by or on others beings.

Magical creatures such as Elves and Dragons can use magic without a foci. They rarely even carry a ST battery because they can keep this power within themselves. It should be noted this Battery is not the same as actual physical ST.

Spell Book

Only the spells specifically noted can be cast from memory. All other spells must be cast from the book. When casting from a book no other action may be taken. It takes one melee turn to cast a memorized spell. Casting from the book takes 2 melee turns.

A spell book is actually a living entitiy that draws life from it’s caster. If separated from the owner it will begin to die. The book can only survive for one day per spell it contains. Due to this connection a sorcerer can always feel the direction of his book, unless it is magically cloaked. If a book dies then the pages become scrolls that can be incorporated into another living book. A sorcerer can remove a page from his book without damaging it, but if others tear out a page, the page will disintegrate. If a book is in hand when a character is damaged there is a one in six chance the damage is applied to the book killing 1 page/spell per point of damage.


Wearing Iron, Steel, or Brass armor completely prevents a sorcerer from casting. Carrying any amount of these metals greater then a dagger causes -2DX to cast or more. Gold, silver, and mithril have no effect on magic ability.


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